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Laptop and mobile repairing training course.

Know about the best LED LCD TV, Mobile, and Laptop Repairing Institute in Purnia.

Advance Institute of Latest technologies has fully-established LED, Laptop and Mobile Repairing Institute in Purnia or overall India. Our labs outfitted by extremely advanced machines like Projectors, IRDA, SMD machine, LCR meter, Oscilloscope where we provide practical skill for various technical courses like LED LCD TV, Mobile and Mobile Repairing Course in Purnia. We also give fast track programs and Individual classes for working people which provides no interruption in their job schedule. Advance Institute has support with 100% profession and self-employment openings to a large number of students by Placement Support and Business Help plans.
Possessing 12 years of establishment, we have extensive experience in all the above courses with the best curriculum, We have grown as a benchmark with the highest number of repair technicians in India. With our best-qualified faculty and world-class training support, Advance Institute is the single institute in Purnia which is giving advanced and practical training for smartphone mobile, computer, laptop, Led Lcd TV, CCTV Camera repair courses with lifetime support policies to encourage you to reach your aims.

About the Various Courses:

  • Laptop Repairing Course: In our laptop repairing we provide training at chip-level card level with software and hardware model covering all topics like basic, advanced, troubleshooting, practical, fault finding, use of various tools in repairing, circuit diagram, Part and component fault finding, service center classes and lots more.
  • Mobile Repairing Course: In our mobile repairing course we cover all mobile phones like simple handset, smartphone, GSM, CDMA phones, Chinese phone and etc. We start our class with a basic level then go to a high level that even a 10th passes students easily learn it. we cover al topic of software and hardware problems.
  • LED LCD Smart TV Repairing Course: In this course which covers various issues occurs in LED LCD TV like LED TV screen goes blank, LED TV has Horizontal lines on start-up, LED TV with no sound output, LED TV not connecting to WiFi, Discoloration, Panel repairing and etc. we also provide training for installation with various software.
  • CCTV Camera and DSLR Camera Repairing course: We provide complete training for CCTV Camera and Digital Camera repairing with installation techniques using all latest tools and software.

What we provide during or after the various courses?

  • Online learning: We have India’s leading online video lab where recorded classes on each course for mobile, laptop, led lcd tv, cctv camera provide to those students who can not attend our regular classes and this video's covers all issues or topics of Laptop, mobile and LED LCD TV repairing
  • Lifetime Technical Support: The good thing about our Laptop, Mobile, LED LCD TV repairing institute in Purnia that we provide lifetime technical support even after you complete the course. We have the most significant and dedicated maintenance labs in Purnia for all its candidates.
  • Placement Support: We are the first institute in Purnia which has created a dedicated career opening for its students where they can obtain a pool of job openings.
  • Business Support: We provide employment and self-employment help with the direction of business support. We provide practical tips to work on real projects.

Scope of the Laptop, Mobile, LED LCD TV Servicing course.

There are a large number of benefits to learn led Lcd TV, Chip level Laptop, and smartphone mobile repairing course. Those all courses are short term and it grows your career as a professional expert. these course also provide opportunities to start up their own business or career in the technical world.

Course Duration

  • Regular Course: 3 months(2 hours class per day)
  • Fast Track Course: 1 months(4 hours class per day)
  • Crash Course: 10-15 days(Full day)

Various Course that we provide.

  • Laptop Repairing Course
  • Mobile Repairing Course
  • LED LCD TV Repairing Course
  • CCTV Camera Repairing Course
  • DSLR Camera Repairing Course
  • Smartphone Repairing Course
  • Advanced Chip Level Repairing Course
  • Tablet PC Repairing Course
  • Printer Repairing Course
  • Smart TV Repairing Course